3730 South Acres Drive

Houston, Texas


*Please Read Carefully Before Booking*


  • All Rescheduled Appointments Must Be Done 24 Hours Prior To Your Scheduled Appointment In Order To Use That Deposit Towards A Future Appointment Within 30 Days.

  • All Appointments Are Allowed A 15 Minute Grace Period. After 15 Minutes There Will Be a $15 Late Fee Applied To Your Total. After 20. Minutes Of Being Late Your Appointment Will Be Cancelled And Your Deposit Will Be Lost!

  • Please Come Washed, Blow Dried, Detangled & Ready To Be Braided! No Dirty Hair Will Be Serviced.


  • No Small Cut Pieces Or Wet Hair. If Any Hair Is Wet Upon Arrival There Will Be An Additional Charge Of $10 Or Your Appointment Will Be Cancelled.

  • No Extra Guest Or Kids!

Lace Closure Appointments:

  • All Closures Will Need To Be Dropped Off 1 Day Prior To Your Booked Appointment!

  • HD Or Transparent Closures Are Highly Recommended!

  • Lace Closures MUST Be Brand New Unless Ive Previously Installed It.

Frontal Appointments:

  • No Dye On The Lace!

  • All Frontals Need To Be Dropped Off 2 Days In Advance! Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS! If Your Frontal Is Not Dropped Off 2 Days In Advance Your Appointment Will Be Cancelled!

  • Frontals Must Be New!

  • HD Or Transparent Lace ONLY!

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  • Instagram - ReeHair

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